Are Sea Cucumbers Safe to Touch?

The truth is that sea cucumbers don't like to be touched. Even if you spot one, it's best to keep your distance. Sea cucumbers have a very delicate nervous system, and they don't take kindly to being handled. It's important to remember that sea cucumbers are part of the echinoderm family, which includes starfish and sea urchins.

These animals have an incredible capacity for regeneration, and their dried bodies (known as trepang) and genital organs are considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia. However, touching a sea cucumber can cause serious damage to its mucosa or anatomy, leading to bacterial infection, the spread of diseases, and a decrease in the population of that species in the area. Sea cucumbers have suction cups on the ends of their tubular legs, which can be used to cling onto surfaces. They also produce holoturine, a strong poison that can weaken the muscles of their enemies.

If you do come into contact with a sea cucumber, it's important to wash and rinse the area with vinegar to remove any toxins and watch for signs of infection over the next few days. Additionally, it's essential to maintain the highest possible water quality and take extra care when introducing or removing water from the environment, as this can cause sea cucumbers to stick to surfaces. Sea urchins can also bite if provoked, but their venom is usually not strong enough to cause serious injury. However, there are some species of hedgehogs that are poisonous and even deadly.

Finally, it's important to note that if a sea cucumber's cuvierian tubules come into contact with your eyes, it could lead to permanent blindness. After observing a four-week healing period, researchers found that sea cucumbers recover quickly after being cut along the body wall at a depth of 3-5 millimeters. Additionally, pearly fish can live in the water lungs of sea cucumbers by entering and leaving through their tails.

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