Can You Pick Up a Sea Cucumber? An Expert's Guide

Sea cucumbers are a fascinating species of benthic creatures that live on the seabed. Although they are harmless to humans, it is not recommended to pick them up as it can cause them harm or disorientation. Before it can be used as an ingredient, a freshly caught sea cucumber must be gutted and dried. At Dish The Fish, we offer clean, gutted, soaked and frozen sea cucumbers for sale.

Freezing does not affect the taste of the sea cucumber, but the soaking process is essential for the best results when cooking. Soaking sea cucumbers can be a tedious process and difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with it. However, you don't have to worry about this when you buy from us as all of this is already done. All you need to do is defrost the frozen sea cucumber and prepare it according to your recipe.

The image below shows the process of removing the internal organs of the sea cucumber. You can find pre-soaked sea cucumbers on the market, but be careful when buying from unknown suppliers as they may add chemicals to increase their size. Such sea cucumbers may shrink or dissolve during cooking, so it is best to spend some time learning how to soak them yourself for 100% natural results. Each variety has its own unique flavor and texture, and those with white teats are particularly popular due to their soft, chewy texture and ease of cooking. When preparing your sea cucumber dish, remember to cut the stomach if it isn't open and remove any intestines you can see with a spoon or small knife. Sea cucumbers have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat a range of ailments such as arthritis and cancer.

Research is also being conducted into their potential nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. The sea cucumber has been around for more than 400 million years and has been eaten in China since the Ming Dynasty. It is a delicacy in Chinese palaces due to its nutritional value and texture. To make the most of its light flavor and chewy texture, pair it with sauces that have a stronger flavor. In addition to its culinary uses, sea cucumbers play an important role in marine ecosystems by recycling nutrients and helping to “clean” the ocean.

Answered by MSC's commercial director for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Seth McCurry, praised for their medical and health benefits, sea cucumbers have been a delicacy in China since the Ming Dynasty.

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